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Craft Show Entry Maps

Click on your entry time below to see a map for more details!

Vendor Craft Show Entry Instructions:


Please read these instructions carefully, your entry is time and location specific.

There are 6 different entry locations around the show perimeter. Please enter Pitman so you approach the back of your line. Please approach as follows:

South 5:30 AM entries must enter Laurel Ave from Cedar Ave

North 5:30 AM entries must enter East Ave from Cedar to Laurel Ave

South 6:00 AM entries enter must enter Broadway from Columbia Ave or south.

North 6:00 AM entries must enter Broadway from Lambs Road

South 6:30 AM entries must enter West Jersey Ave from westbound Pitman Ave

North 6:30 AM entries must enter Broadway from Lambs Road

South 7:00 AM entries must enter Laurel Ave from Cedar Ave and proceed to Ballard Ave. Please do not arrive to line up before 6:15am.

  • Volunteers will only let in vendors at their designated entry time. If you attempt to enter earlier, you will be asked to turn around and get back in line.

  • If your assigned entry is 5:30am on Broadway or Pitman Ave, you told us you have a trailer or asked for additional time to set up.Help us get you in and out before the street becomes crowded by arriving on time for this early entry.

  • Ballard Avenue

  • To make load-in more efficient for vendors located on Ballard Avenue, we have staggered the entry times. At 5:30am POL spots near Pitman Ave, and  PA spots in Ballard Park will enter. At 6:00am, BAL01-BAL25 spots will enter. At 6:30am, BAL26-BAL45 spots will enter. Finally, at 7:00am RR spots on Ballard Ave and MP spots on Broadway will load in. Latecomers who miss the 6:00 and 6:30 entries should still line up in the assigned position, but may be held off Broadway until 7:15.

  • Volunteers will assist you to the right queuing position as early @5:15AM. Look for the flashlights and follow volunteer instructions. If you arrive before the volunteers, look for the signage that will be present indicating the beginning of each line. If you see a row of vehicles parked at the curb they’re probably vendors, so look for the back of the line. While waiting at the curb, please turn on your hazards to help other vendors identify the line.

  • If you arrive early please don’t enter Broadway between Holly and Laurel Aves.


When your line is allowed into the show

Look for the space number signage every 3 to 5 spaces attached to posts and trees to guide you.
Please unload quickly ONTO the SIDEWALK.
Please DO NOT unload into the street at the curb.
Please DO NOT set up your tent or other items.
Exit as quickly as possible at Pitman Ave
Park at Bright Beginnings Academy @ 536 Lambs Road, Pitman NJ 08071
Our free shuttle will return you to the downtown to set up.
Standing in the street, facing the curb, set up the left rear leg of your tent in the street at your number, which is painted on the curb, and fill the space to the right until you reach the next highest number.
*If you are not in line for your assigned entry time when that entry begins, your new entry time will be 7:15 AM. Queue on Broadway in the North or South position you were assigned. For safety concerns, vehicular entries will be denied after 7:50 AM.


No packing prior to 3PM please.
At 3 PM pack as quickly as possible ONTO the SIDEWALK.
Please DO NOT pack up into the street at the curb.
When you are packed request a ticket from a volunteer.
Retrieve your vehicle
The last shuttle pickup at East Ave is at 4:00PM
Follow the volunteer’s instructions for reentry point.
Load your vehicle as quickly as possible. 
Exit at Pitman Ave no later than 4:30PM

Use the entry maps are at the top of this page or click on the pink or blue entry time next to your space number:

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