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Everything you need to Know about

attending our Shows

Spring Show: May 18th

Fall Show: September 21st

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Reading Map on Mobile

The Pitman Craft Show is located in Uptown Pitman, easily accessible by car. Plug N Broadway & E Holly Ave into your GPS to get to our show exterior. 

By Bus

Several bus routes pass through Uptown Pitman, making it easy to get to the Pitman Craft Show. NJ Transit busses 313, 408, and 412 travel through Pitman. Please note, bus routes may be changed due to road closures on Broadway and Pitman Ave.

Free Parking

We have free parking available for our vendors and our guests.


Vendors park at 536 Lambs Rd, Pitman, NJ.

Guests park at 400 N. Woodbury Road, Pitman NJ.


A free shuttle will take both guests and vendors to the intersection of First Avenue & East Avenue, right outside the show!


If you don't mind the walk, you can park at the Pitman Church of the Nazarene at 227 N. Broadway.

Click here for a parking map, noting that there is no parking on Broadway between Holly and Laurel Avenue, on Ballard Avenue, or on Pitman Avenue from Broadway to Simpson Avenue. *NOTE if the Rain date is activated, parking is NOT available at the church until after 11:30am. 

Accessible Parking

The Pitman Police Department add several accessible parking spots in the parking lots directly outside of the Show Interior.  

Getting Here & Parking

Rain Date Info

Rainy Day

Rain Dates

Spring Show Rain Date: Sunday, May 19th

Fall Show Rain Date: Sunday, September 22nd

Rain Date ACtivation

The rain date will be activated on the Friday before each show by 5pm. 

Info is shared here, on Facebook, and on Instagram.


Because the rain date’s conditions are always a more distant unknown, some precipitation is acceptable. The Craft Show Committee does not promise a “dry” day. For more information, including our decision parameters, visit our FAQ section.

Our Business &
Non-Profit Community

Many Pitman Businesses and Non-Profits participate at the Pitman Craft Shows!

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